Hôtel Monte-Carlo Bay http://www.montecarlobay.com Hôtel Monte-Carlo Bay Wed, 27 Jun 2018 09:00:01 +0000 en hourly 1 “Live Painting Show” by Rémi Bertoche at the Blue Ginhttp://www.montecarlobay.com/news/live-painting-show-by-remi-bertoche-at-the-blue-gin/ http://www.montecarlobay.com/news/live-painting-show-by-remi-bertoche-at-the-blue-gin/#comments Wed, 15 May 2013 13:41:09 +0000 vovf http://www.montecarlobay.com/news/live-painting-show-by-remi-bertoche-at-the-blue-gin/ From 23 to 26 May 2013, come see one of the French painter Rémi Bertoche’s live performances.

Rémi Bertoche, who has won the French Surf Cup, is a multifaceted artist who paints, designs, produces and writes.


He is now one of the most sought after figures in creation, design and artistic page layouts. For the last four years, he has been on a European tour with his “Live Painting Show”, where he paints and exhibits his work in galleries, golf clubs, surf shops and other trendy locations.



Win the book Rémi Bertoche Art on the artist’s work and originality!


 Follow Rémi Bertoche’s news and current events on Facebook.





Informations pratiques

Blue Gin au Monte-Carlo Bay Hôtel & Resort

Du 23 au 26 mai 2013, à partir de 19h

T. (+377) 98 06 03 60

Monte-Carlo Bay Hôtel & Resort

What’s for Lunch? An irresistible formula!http://www.montecarlobay.com/news/whats-for-lunch-an-irresistible-formula/ http://www.montecarlobay.com/news/whats-for-lunch-an-irresistible-formula/#comments Fri, 10 May 2013 07:29:39 +0000 Stagiaire Marketing http://www.montecarlobay.com/news/whats-for-lunch-an-irresistible-formula/ Our lunch offer is irresistible, and so is the pleasure.

What's for lunchAn innovative business lunch idea for a delicious break in a busy day: try the Monte Carlo Bay’s new lunch formulas prepared by Chef Marcel Ravin.











 The What’s for Lunch?” menu:

    • Starter of the day + dish of the day + glass of wine + coffee: €27
    • Dish of the day + dessert of the day + glass of wine + coffee: €27
    • Starter of the day + dish of the day + dessert of the day + glass of wine + coffee: €37

The menu is available from Monday to Friday at the Blue Bay from the beginning of October to the end of April, and at the restaurant Las Brisas only in May, June and September.

The formula including the “What’s for Lunch?” menu and access to the lagoon:

  • €115 per person (starter of the day + dish of the day + dessert of the day + glass of wine + coffee)
  • €57 for children under 12 (starter of the day + dish of the day OR dish of the day + dessert of the day, and soda)
  • €40 for children under 6
  • Reservation required
The menu is available at the restaurant Las Brisas from Monday to Friday only in May, June and September. 


Sunday Summer Brunch at the restaurant Las Brisashttp://www.montecarlobay.com/news/sunday-summer-brunch-at-the-restaurant-las-brisas/ http://www.montecarlobay.com/news/sunday-summer-brunch-at-the-restaurant-las-brisas/#comments Wed, 08 May 2013 16:24:48 +0000 Stagiaire Marketing http://www.montecarlobay.com/news/sunday-summer-brunch-at-the-restaurant-las-brisas/ Our summer restaurant, Las Brisas, proposes a light and inventive cuisine served on a terrace facing south and located between the sea and lagoon.

Sunday Summer Brunch:

  • An appetising buffet and all-you-can-drink rosé wine
  • Price per person: €80
  • Available from 2 June to 30 Septembre 2013


Formula including brunch + access to the lagoon

  • Adults: €160
  • Children under 12: €90
  • Children under 6: €40
  • T : (377) 98 06 03 63
  • Formula available only in June and September; reservation required



Practical information

  • Open from 12:30pm to 3pm in May, June and September
  • Open from 12:30pm to 5pm in July and August
  • T. (377) 98 06 03 60
Your Mother’s Day Gift at the SPA Cinq Mondeshttp://www.montecarlobay.com/news/your-mothers-day-gift-at-the-spa-cinq-mondes/ http://www.montecarlobay.com/news/your-mothers-day-gift-at-the-spa-cinq-mondes/#comments Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:58:25 +0000 valentinerivier http://www.montecarlobay.com/news/your-mothers-day-gift-at-the-spa-cinq-mondes/ For Mother’s Day, the SPA Cinq Mondes of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is pleased to offer you a “Cinq Mondes Handbag”. 


Mother's Day - Cinq Mondes SPA

From 29 April to 26 May 2013,


Buy 2 face products including 1 face cream

(Five Flowers Radiance Cream, Intense Comfort Cream, Rejuvenating Ointments with 7 Chinese Plants, Rich Rejuvenating Cream or Precious Cream)


or a minimum 1-hour Gift Voucher and 1 product,



and get a “Cinq Mondes Handbag”* free,

a 25-euro value offered by the SPA Cinq Mondes

of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort.



Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort
T. (377) 98 06 01 80

* While stocks last.

Please find out about other conditions for receiving the gift at the Spa reception desk. / Handbag measurements: 38x28x11cm – Visual non-contractual.